5 Reasons to Elope in Napa Valley


5 Reasons to Elope in Napa Valley

Why you need to elopE in napa

If you want a picturesque, personal and meaningful wedding, eloping is a wonderful, stress free wedding alternative.

Treat yourself to the pleasures of pure romance getting married in your own private vineyard, speaking your personal vows in a candlelit wine cave,  or putting a ring on your loved one’s finger with a multitude of grapevines and vineyard laden hillsides as your backdrop.

Beyond being enraptured by the wonders of wine country here are five reasons to elope in Napa Valley.

1. You will save lots of money. The typical wedding in Napa Valley Costs approximately $40,000.  Our most popular elopements which include venue, photography, champagne, and personalized wedding ceremony starts at $1775. You can be at the most high priced wedding venue at a fraction of the price. You would save enough for a wonderful honeymoon and maybe even a down payment on a house.

2.  Planning will be stress free. No dealing with endless details, accommodating guests, family politics, timing snafus, or vendor issues.

3.  It will be about YOU! You can treat yourselves to what you want. You can personalize every detail.

4.  Elopements provide you with privacy and added intimacy. You will not feel you will need to keep your emotions in check because you are in front of lots of people.

5.   You will have lots more options. Especially if you schedule your elopement on a week-day, you can easily enjoy venues, dining and a variety of exclusive Napa Valley experiences.

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