How to Plan a Napa Valley Elopement

Elope in Napa VAlley

Your guide to planning a Napa Valley Elopement

How to plan an elopement: From STart to finish

You are making an excellent choice to elope.  It will be a much easier process for you!
We will help you ever step along the way.

 Have a couple of dates in mind. 
As you narrow down a date for your Napa Valley elopement, keep in mind availability for venues, lodging, dining and enjoying the many attractions Napa has to offer is far greater on week-days and the off-season months of December to March.

If you want pictures with leaves on the vines, you need to be in Napa Valley between May and November.  While the weather here is generally nice year-round, optimal weather is from April through November.   In booking anytime, however, you need to know what your options are if there is rain.

Next, you need to know if it will just be the two of you or if you will have  other people with you.  If it just the two of you, you will have greater options for elopements which include lodging.  Be aware that if you come to Napa Valley on a week-end in high season, there is often three night minimums for lodging and it will be more expensive.

While you may like to have other people with you, do take into consideration the naturally tendence to accommodate to the needs and desires of those with you.  It will be more romantic and completely your experience if the two of you come on your own.

After you have viewed our elopement packages, please call us and we will give you thorough information on venue options.   Along with this we will give you the cost for your elopement package.  Price for elopements will be based on date, number of people attending, venue determinations, and what you want to include in your elopement package.

Napa Valley Weddings has elopement options from a simple ceremony in a park to elopements with photography, videography, music, lodging, webcasting, floral, wine tasting, and dining enhancements.

When you book with us we will provide you with information about obtaining a wedding license, ceremony options, travel directions, and the aforementioned elopement enhancements.

While it is always good to plan in advance, we can generally help you even when you are being more spontaneous.  You will just need to be a bit more flexible about timing for any popular destination elopement.

After you are married,   you will receive a copy of your ceremony and a certificate of marriage.  We will assist you with the filing of your marriage license while explaining the process for obtaining a certified copy of your marriage license.   If you ordered photography, you will receive your images within two weeks with complete ownership and reproduction rights.

Making arrangements with us is easy and streamlined.  You will not need to spend any extra money for a wedding coordinator.

With over thirty years putting together elopements in Napa Valley, we have elopement planning down to a science.

It is our efficiency, respectfulness, helpfulness, and genuine goodwill that has earned us most favorable reviews from many happy couples who have chosen to elope in Napa Valley.

We sincerely look forward to creating with you a most joyous Napa Valley elopement.

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